SensAlpin is mainly active in the application areas of natural hazard alerting, avalanche warning, agricultural meteorology and permafrost monitoring. However, we also have systems for measuring and monitoring glaciers, infrastructure and hydrology in the mountains.

Natural hazard alerting

Our alarm systems use a combination of different sensors to monitor avalanche paths, debris flow trenches and rockfall couloirs around the clock. When an event occurs, safety measures are automatically triggered. These are usually the closure of traffic routes or the evacuation of an endangered zone.

Avalanche warning - Snow meteorology

For national and regional avalanche warning and action planning, timely information on the condition and development of the snowpack is essential. Automatic nivo meteorological measuring stations are an important source of information here, as they provide standardised data from various locations around the clock and in all weathers.


With agrometeorological measuring stations, the climatic conditions in the crops are recorded. This allows pest infestations to be predicted (model forecasts) and suitable measures to be taken early and efficiently. Among other things, this allows the use of sprays to be optimised to a minimum.

Permafrost monitoring

Permafrost monitoring, i.e. the long-term observation of the condition of permafrost, is important to assess the impact of climate change on permafrost and the resulting threats and challenges. Our permafrost monitoring stations have proven themselves in long-term use for permafrost monitoring.

Environmental monitoring

In addition to these main areas of application, we operate specific measuring and monitoring stations for our customers. This includes, for example, hydrological stations (precipitation and discharge levels), wind or snow measurements on infrastructure or rockfall monitoring.

Data acquisition and visualization

For our customers we operate an extensive infrastructure for data retrieval, data storage and data visualization. The archiving and processing of the data is hosted in Switzerland and is operated by us together with specialized IT service providers.