SensAlpin operates various large-scale monitoring networks in Switzerland on behalf of the cantons or research institutions. In addition, an overview of the natural hazard alarm systems of municipalities or railway and road services is shown here.


With a network of over 120 measuring stations data are collected which generate information and decision-making aids for plant protection in viticulture and fruit growing.


The Intercantonal Measuring and Information System IMIS is a measuring network for national avalanche warning, which covers the Swiss Alps and the Jura and comprises around 180 snow and wind stations.


SensAlpin operates borehole and climate monitoring stations in the Alps for the partner institutes of the Swiss Permafrost Monitoring Network PERMOS.

In addition to these typical monitoring networks, we operate a large number of natural hazard alarm systems. We group the systems in Switzerland together as the "Alarm Systems Network".

Alarm systems

This network consists of approximately 40 systems, which in turn consist of two to five detection and signalling stations - a total of more than one hundred masts or stations in Switzerland and abroad.