MESSNETZ: Agrometeo

For Agroscope - the federal government's centre of excellence for agricultural research - SensAlpin operates a measuring network of over 120 automatic meteostations throughout Switzerland. The measurement data from these stations, combined with weather forecasts from meteoblue, form the data basis for a system for assessing and forecasting the development of diseases and pests in viticulture and fruit growing. This provides producers with an important tool for the needs-based use of agents to treat their crops and thus for sustainable, high-quality production of wine and fruit.

Our measuring stations are designed in such a way that all that is needed at the site is a twist-proof round mast (Ø 80mm) made of steel in order to install the system safely and quickly. The equipment of the sensors can vary. The standard includes:

  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Global radiation
  • Grass temperature (+5cm)
  • Soil temperature (-10cm)
  • Leaf wetness

The stations have a solar panel with controller which together with the battery cover the power supply without any problems. At some locations mains connections (220VAC) are installed.

Additional sensors like wind, wind direction, soil moisture, etc. can be installed.

Data communication

In order to control the measuring station, a Campbell data logger is installed in all cases. In addition to data retrieval (every 5 seconds) from the sensors, this data logger also performs an initial accounting of the data for provision. The data are then sent via IP network (Internet) over a separate network every 10 minutes. We have access to this network and can monitor the SIM cards. The actual data communication takes over a 4G modem.

Station overview Agrometeo