SensAlpin at new address

We moved to our new offices and workshop at Promenade 119A in Davos Platz in April 2020.

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SensAlpin and PermaSense

SensAlpin employees Andi and Sämi were previously involved in the PermaSense and X-Sense research projects. Now we were once again involved in field work with ETH Zurich...

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de-icing of wind stations

Wind stations are located on exposed peaks. Accordingly, they are often covered in frost and ice after winter storms. If necessary, we pay a visit to the stations and free them from the load.

Wind measurements for infrastructure operation

Various operators of ropeways and other infrastructure rely on the robust and reliable wind measurements from SensAlpin.

Fresh snow alert for snow removal

If the amount of freshly fallen snow exceeds predefined threshold values within certain time windows, those responsible for snow removal are automatically called out by our fresh snow alerts.

Sand freighting on railway line

On wide stretches of the Saudi railway network, sand freighting is a problem for the safety of trains. Our freight stations monitor the phenomenon and warn the operators of the railway lines.