Lawinen- und Murgang-Alarmsystem Brienzergrat

Am Brienzersees zwischen Brienz und Interlaken sind die Bahnlinie und Kantonsstrasse durch zahlreiche Lawinenzüge und Murgang-Gerinne gefährdet und häufig verschüttet. Aufgrund dieser Ausgangslage wurde von den Verantwortlichen der beiden Verkehrsträger der Entscheid gefasst, sieben der Lawinenzüge und Murgang-Gräben mit einem Alarmsystem auszustatten, um so die Sicherheit der Verkehrsteilnehmer der Bahn und Strasse zu erhöhen.

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Improved snow depth measurement in the "Vallone di Solco" avalanche path

At the IMIS slope station in the avalanche train "Vallone di Solco" we installed an additional snow depth measurement in autumn 2022. The snow depth gauge is mounted on a 70m long steel cable and measures directly in the avalanche's incipient zone. This allows the adjacent blasting pylons to be managed efficiently. In addition, it can be used to precisely determine the incipient height of avalanches and use it for further evaluations.

Proto-type IMIS Ministation

A prototype IMIS mini-station was installed and commissioned on the Büelenberg near Davos at the end of 2022.

Meteo station in Val Nalps

For solar testing purposes, a solar test system was installed in Val Nalps in March.

SensAlpin and PermaSense

SensAlpin employees Andi and Sämi were previously involved in the PermaSense and X-Sense research projects. Now we were once again involved in field work with ETH Zurich...

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de-icing of wind stations

Wind stations are located on exposed peaks. Accordingly, they are often covered in frost and ice after winter storms. If necessary, we pay a visit to the stations and free them from the load.