Alarm systems

A natural hazard alarm system serves to reduce the residual risk of personal injury and property damage caused by a natural hazard event. Permanent and trouble-free availability is therefore a key factor in the design of such a system. Any malfunctions or damage caused by the harsh environmental conditions must be detected immediately and repaired as quickly as possible. As a rule, this should not lead to a total failure of the entire plant.

In the design of our systems, this aspect has been adequately taken into account by means of a high level of redundancy as well as numerous self-tests and automatic function checks. In the event of a malfunction or failure, a technical alarm is triggered so that immediate repair and maintenance can be carried out.

An alarm system detects the occurrence of a natural hazard event based on its direct physical impact. Depending on the type of event, topography and local situation, it is a great challenge to position and set up the system in such a way that dangerous events can be distinguished from other phenomena or from events that are too small.

Many years of experience / worldwide application

The design of an alarm system with a good detection quality therefore necessarily requires a lot of experience in the application and combination of different sensor systems as well as their positioning and installation in alpine terrain.

Since the mid-1990s, SensAlpin and its partners have been building, operating and maintaining alarm systems - primarily in the Swiss Alpine region, but also abroad. Around forty alarm systems are now in operation worldwide.

Station overview alarm systems

Planning, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and user support

  • With our many years of experience, we already support our customers in the planning phase and in the basic design of an alarm system.
  • Construction work (foundations, cabling) is usually carried out by a local company under the supervision of a local project manager - we take care of everything else.
  • Installations with helicopters or special equipment in difficult, alpine terrain are our daily business.
  • Even after commissioning, we ensure through regular maintenance that an alarm system achieves the targeted long service life of typically well over twenty years with consistently high quality.
  • By supporting users during operation and continuously optimizing the system configuration based on empirical values from events, we continuously optimize the benefits of our system for the safety of residents and tourists in our mountain regions.