Intercantonal Measuring and Information System IMIS

The Intercantonal Measuring and Information System IMIS is a nivo meteorological measuring network which covers the Swiss Alps and the Jura and comprises around 180 stations. It provides important information for local safety officials as well as for the national avalanche warning service. The data from all IMIS stations are retrieved, checked and processed by the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF (Link). The current measured values are publicly available on the SLF website.

SensAlpin operates 174 of these measuring stations and 54 interrogation relays together with Waljag GmbH on behalf of the station owners (cantons, municipalities, infrastructure companies). With annual maintenance visits and successive maintenance work, we maintain the high operational reliability of the installations. With largely uninterrupted operation for over 20 years, IMIS represents one of the world's most comprehensive nivo meteorological measurement networks and provides a data set that is very valuable not only for practical avalanche warning but also for research.

Locations of the IMIS Stations